echinacea red lily. original £1600. Limited ed.:300 57x76.jpg
Limited Edition Prints.

Echinacea Collection



The Echinacea collection is a series of limited edition prints, each with a run of only 300. Accompanying each print is a certificate of authenticity which is signed and dated by Georgina, this is a valuable part of your investment in this fine art print, especially if you ever decide to sell it. 

Giclee prints can be found in Museums and Galleries all over the world.

Each print comes mounted and cello wrapped, so you can display your print before you decide on framing and measures 70.5x92cm complete.

Mail Order. UK £165.00 plus £10.00 p&p. Please allow 14 days (in most instances delivery is a lot less than this)

Please contact me for international shipping costs.

(From Top to Bottom)

1) Echinacea, Red Lily.

2) Echinacea, Gladioli and Butterfly.

3) Echincea, Buddea and Butterflies

4) Red Lillies and Echinacea (portrait)

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echinacea red lily. original £1600. Limited ed.:300 57x76.jpg
echinacea gladioli and butterfly original £1600. Limited edition:300 57x76.jpg
echincea buddea and butterflies Original £1600. Watercolour. Limited edition print:300 57x76cm.jpg
red lillies and echinacea. portrait original  watercolour£1600 Limited ed print !55 57x76cm.jpg