Georgina Rambton

Painter and writer… my passion is helping to enrich others lives through the discovery of self expression.

I have always painted, and in my twenties I trained to be a textile designer at Manchester Metropolitan University,  I worked for top end manufacturers such as Warner & Sons Ltd, Monkwell Ltd, Ikea and Marks and Spencers as a printed textiles/woven textiles designer nationally and internationally.

Nowadays, I concentrate on my painting and writing, and also helping others to paint. I give talks across the UK and act as a visiting lecturer in universities nationwide. I have worked in Adult education since 2000 and have a background in Art therapy which I bring to my sessions as well.

“There is so much life and freedom in these plants that they still seem to be growing” – The Lady Magazine.

I feel like I don't have a choice about painting flowers and plants. I don't 'do it' somehow 'it does me' I also don't choose my subjects, I feel that they somehow choose me. My paintings are not strictly botanical paintings and they are not simply a straight visual description. I don't pull a plant apart to 'get a picture out of it' and  I cant paint small either, because it all feels cramped as if they cant breathe! I deal with the character of the plant. My paintings are plant portraits.

My work can be found in homes and Galleries all over the world, I take inspiration from the wildness and natural beauty of North Wales, and the colour and vibrancy of my garden.